Portability Libraries  2015.2.0.0
Common Methods and Objects for Platform Independance.
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 Base IO
 Storage and retrieval of configuration
 Date and Time
 Error handling
 Get a password
 Reports and document generator
 Networking related information
 Text parsing
 Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O
 Priority based Queue
 Process and Program control.
 Manage a TCP client connection.
 Manage a TCP server connection.
 Manage temporary files.
 Virtual base for object serialization
 Object XDR serialization base class.
 Application Authentication.
 UPN Addresses.
 UPN Phones.
 UPN Preferences.
 Credit Cards.
 URL Tracking.
 UPN Memberships.
 UPN Lists.
 UPN Names.
 Runtime licenses.
 Resource Management
 Documentation for the libSaSMath library
 Sql2Cpp Overview
 libSaSTimeTracker Overview
 Users, UPNs, and Realms.
 Command Line and GUI - Applications
 GUI Dialogs and Pop-Up windows
 Todo List
 Deprecated List