Portability Libraries  2015.2.0.0
Common Methods and Objects for Platform Independance.
User and application preferences.


UpnDbPrefId_t SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDB::AddPref (UpnDbAuthHandle_t AppAuth, UpnDbAuthHandle_t UpnAuth, const char *PrefKey, UpnDbPrefValueTypeId_t PrefType, const char *PrefValue, unsigned int Index=0)
bool SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDB::GetPref (UpnDbAuthHandle_t AppAuth, UpnDbAuthHandle_t UpnAuth, char *&Results, const char *Key, UpnDbPrefValueTypeId_t &PrefType, unsigned int Index)
UpnDbPrefId_t SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDB::GetPrefId (UpnDbAuthHandle_t AppAuth, UpnDbAuthHandle_t UpnAuth, const char *Key, unsigned int Index)
bool SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDB::RemovePref (UpnDbAuthHandle_t AppAuth, UpnDbAuthHandle_t UpnAuth, UpnDbPrefId_t prefId)
bool SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDB::UpdatePref (UpnDbAuthHandle_t AppAuth, UpnDbAuthHandle_t UpnAuth, UpnDbPrefId_t PrefId, const char *PrefValue)

Detailed Description

An operating system independent way of storing and retrieving user and application settings.

There is a preference API for files and database. For a database, it uses the UPN database.

-This is an individual preference object: Preference

-This is a collection of Preference objects: PreferenceSet

-This is a PreferenceSet stored in a file: PreferenceFile

For preferences that are stored in the UPN database:


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