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Common Methods and Objects for Platform Independance.
SoftwareAndServices::Library::Common::File Class Reference

#include "<SaS/Common/File.hpp>"

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Public Types

enum  Whence_t { SEEK_SET_t = SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR_t = SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END_t = SEEK_END }

Public Member Functions

 File ()
 File (const int fd, const char *aFileName)
 File (const void *buffer, uint32_t BufferSize=0)
 File (const wchar_t *buffer, uint32_t BufferSize=0)
 File (char **buffer, uint32_t *BufferSize=NULL)
 File (wchar_t **buffer, uint32_t *BufferSize=NULL)
virtual ~File ()
bool AtEOF ()
uint32_t CanRead ()
bool Close ()
bool Encrypt (bool DoEncryption)
bool Flush ()
const char * GetBuffer () const
uint32_t GetBufferSize () const
int GetFd ()
const char * GetFileName () const
bool IsMMapped () const
bool Keys (const char *Private, const char *Public)
char LookNext ()
off_t Lseek (off_t offset, Whence_t whence)
bool Mkdir (const char *path, mode_t mode)
bool NextIsLwsp ()
bool Open (const char *file, int RWmode)
int Printf (const char *Format,...)
uint32_t Read (void *data, const uint32_t Length, bool force=true)
bool ReadLine (uint8_t **Results, uint32_t &Length, bool Force=true, bool DiscardEol=true)
off_t Tell ()
void ThrowExceptions (bool Enable)
uint32_t Write (const void *data, const uint32_t Length)
uint32_t Write (const char *data)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoftwareAndServices::Library::Common::instance< File >
 instance ()
virtual InstanceCount_t decInstance () const
virtual InstanceCount_t getInstance () const
virtual InstanceCount_t incInstance () const
void operator delete (void *ToFree)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * GetTopDir ()
static bool Lock (const char *fileName)
static bool LockFileOnly (const char *fileName)
static bool SetTopDir (const char *theTop)
static bool Trylock (const char *fileName)
static bool Unlock (const char *fileName)
static bool UnlockFileOnly (const char *fileName)

Static Public Attributes

static const char * DefaultTopDir
static const char * NewTmpFileExt

Detailed Description

Like 'FILE', except C++ implementation and allows sockets and disk files to use same object on WINDOWS

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