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Common Methods and Objects for Platform Independance.
SoftwareAndServices::Library::Common::queue Class Reference

#include "<SaS/Common/queue.hpp>"

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Public Types

enum  mode { none = 0x00, block = 0x01, throwBlock = 0x02 }

Public Member Functions

 queue ()
virtual ~queue ()
unsigned int getCount () const
bool insert (const void *data)
void * remove ()
bool setInsertMode (mode md)
bool setRemoveMode (mode md)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoftwareAndServices::Library::Common::instance< queue >
 instance ()
virtual InstanceCount_t decInstance () const
virtual InstanceCount_t getInstance () const
virtual InstanceCount_t incInstance () const
void operator delete (void *ToFree)

Detailed Description

A queue implementation.

Definition at line 76 of file queue.hpp.

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